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By Chez Oxendine

Nowata High School senior Jayden Bowman is closing out his high school career with an amazing season in basketball, where he played center.

“This season was amazing,” Bowman said. “The best time of my high school life.”

Basketball has been a part of Bowman’s life since his early teen years. He attributes his success in the sport – as well as tennis, which is another sport Bowman pursues – to dedication and help from his loved ones.

“It takes hard work and support from family to be a successful athlete,” Bowman said.

Being nominated as an athlete of character by his coach was an honor for the Nowata senior.

“It means a lot,” Bowman said.

As a matter of fact, Bowman’s coaches and his supporters are the biggest influences in life.

“They’ve pushed me no matter what, inside and outside of basketball,” he said.

Bowman lists his teachers as other major influences in his life, though he doesn’t have a particular favorite. He says everyone has taught him something important.

“They’re all amazing people so I can’t choose a favorite,” Bowman said. “They’ve taught me that no matter what happens as long as you’re happy in the end it doesn’t matter. So, never be too hard on yourself about anything. If it works out, it works out, and if not, then just toughen up and keep on going.”

Bowman carries that dedication to athletics and sportsmanship into his personal life as well. Even though he isn’t involved with any extracurricular activities, Bowman makes sure to find good uses for time off the court.

The post man spends that time helping others in need where he can, whether that is children or the elderly.

“I don’t do anything else at the school but I love helping kids and talking to older folks because helping people in need is the best feeling,” Bowman said.

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