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Grove’s Jaydale Whitlock – Wrestling Spotlight Presented by Grove Dental Associates

Grove grappler Jaydale Whitlock is no stranger to the State Tournament, and his desire to return keeps him busy during his free time.

“All I do right now and even after wrestling is go to the gym, run, and work out,” Whitlock said. “Then I go home, or go see my girlfriend. During wrestling it’s the same thing, but I do also like to fish and go camping also.” 

When asked why he trains so hard, Whitlock had a simple answer. “Losing sucks,” he said. 

The 18 year old junior wrestles at 120 pounds, and said he fell in love with the intensity of the sport in the seventh grade.

“I would like to be a state champ, but as of right now I have to take it one match at a time,” Whitlock said. “As a team, I’d like to win districts and get back to dual state again. I’d also like more of the team to go to the state tournament.” 

Describing his favorite wrestling move as a chicken wing, Whitlock said he believes in the philosophy that for the time you’re on the mat, you can be enemies, but when you get up again, sportsmanship and character reign supreme.

“When you get on the mat, you should have no friends,” he said. “Whether it’s practice or a game, it’s a mean sport. After practice you can be friends again. You also need to be a good sport whether you win or lose. You have to get up and shake the other guy’s hand, and respect your opponent.”