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Jay’s Zach Coy – Wrestler Spotlight Presented by Roberts Auto Center

By Derrick Smith

Success is something that all athletes aim for but not all are able to achieve. It requires work and sacrifice in order to get where you are wanting to be. Zach Coy is an athlete that knows what it takes to be successful.

“Being successful in my sports has taken a lot of hard work,” Coy said. “It also requires dedication and commitment. I always try to get one percent better everyday.”

Zach is a senior at Jay High School. He is a four sport athlete for the Bulldogs, playing football, and also a member of the wrestling, powerlifting, and track teams. He has been participating in football and wrestling since he was in the second grade. He joined the other two sports a few years later. 

The top memory for Coy during his time wrestling is when reached his goal. 

“My favorite moment has been placing twice at State,” he said. “It was really great to know that all my hard work paid off.”

There are a group of men that have helped shape Coy into the person he is today.

“My dad, brother, and coaches are my biggest influences because they push me to become a better athlete and person.”

Coy says that his dad is the one that helped him get his start in wrestling. 

“My dad got me into wrestling after my brother was highly successful in it,” he said. “I guess he figured I would be as well.”

He says that he enjoys wrestling because whatever happens during a match is all on him. 

“I enjoy wrestling because it is mostly an individual sport,” Zach said. “If you lose, you don’t really have anyone else to blame except yourself. I also enjoy it because it is such a tough sport.”

After graduation, Zach plans to serve the United States of America in the Marine Corps.