Northeast Tech Oct 1125

Ketchum High School senior Alli Simmons has a busy spring planned thanks to being on the slow pitch softball team and Leo’s Club while being enrolled at Northeast Tech in the Cosmetology program. The senior also plays fastpitch softball and has enjoyed her time playing for Ketchum High School, but cosmetology is where her heart and her future reside.

“Cosmetology was the right course for me to take because I love making people feel good about themselves and making them more beautiful than they already are,” said Simmons.

The course is helping to fine tune her skills and teach her new techniques used in the cosmetology industry. For Simmons, that experience will be the foundation for her future career after high school.

“Cosmetology has been great, and I have learned a lot in there. My favorite thing about that course is getting to do different things like nails and hair,” said Simmons. “My favorite thing about being a student at Northeast Tech is getting to practice and learn more about what I love to do.”

Simmons will not waste any time once she has graduated from Ketchum High School. Her plans are to work in a local shop bringing her talents to the community.

“After I graduate, I am going to work in a shop called Hollywood Glamour in Langley, Oklahoma. I have my own booth and I will get to do hair and nails,” said Simmons. “I will use all the skills I’ve learned from Northeast Tech for my job after I graduate.”

The future cosmetologist offers some advice to other students looking to gain an advantage for their future after high school.

“My advice for another student wanting to take classes at Northeast Tech would be to do it. It’s a great opportunity to learn new things and make friends. It can also help you get a job after school,” said Simmons.

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