Army National Guard

There are a few people who know exactly what they want to do when they grow up. Kinley Harris, a student at Inola High School already knew that she wanted to join the military after high school.

“Serving in the military has always been a heavy calling on my heart ever since I was young. When I was little, my favorite show was M.A.S.H. and my dad was in the military, so it was almost bred into me. As I got older, I spent a lot of time praying and asking God to make it possible if it was His will. I enlisted at the end of June, so He definitely came through,” said Harris.

The graduate is following in her father’s footsteps even though he was in the Air Force. Her grandfather, both great grandfathers and uncles all served this country. Harris is excited to continue that legacy.

“I looked into the Air Force upon my dad’s request, but my heart has definitely been set on the Army from the beginning,” said Harris. “I will be a 35M, which is a Human Intelligence Collector.”

Harris is looking forward to using her benefits to attend college as well.

“I would absolutely love to attend college after I return from Basic and AIT. I’m looking to get a degree in either chemistry or chemical engineering,” said Harris.

The benefit of free college was certainly a factor for Harris in picking the National Guard, but Harris is looking past college and to the military as a career.

“The Oklahoma National Guard is the perfect bridge for my plan to go active duty after college. This way I get to enjoy serving while getting my education,” said Harris.

Harris shared this advice for anyone looking to expand their horizons and move forward by jumpstarting their life with the National Guard.

“Just do it. It’s an amazing thing. You’re getting to serve your country and you get a second family in the process. I was lucky enough to have a recruiter who stuck with me through my very long enlistment process. I had to pause the process for almost half a year before we finally got the ball rolling again, and Sgt. Morgan never gave up on me. I’m very thankful for that. So, in short, don’t pass up this opportunity. Pray about it. If God is leading you to join, find a good recruiter and don’t let anything get in your way,” said Harris.

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