Rhett Minson Pryor State Farm

By Ember McElrath

Pryor Athletes of the Month are a package deal, twins, Karleigh and Keitian Bell.

“It feels good to be recognized for all our hard work,” said the Bell twins.

This year both girls are seniors for the high school and are involved in softball as well as track and field. Keitian plays catcher while Karleigh plays first base and outfield for the softball team.

Being a good athlete isn’t just about being good at a certain sport to these girls.

“A good athlete is someone who has a good work ethic, someone who is willing to work when no one is watching. Someone who is able to get up when they fall, to have a good attitude,” said Karleigh. “Mostly important to be a good teammate.

This year both girls are looking forward to making their senior year a blast. They are both excited for softball season as well as track, and this is the first year the school has had slow pitch so as you can imagine the girls are ready to leave their mark on that sport as well.

Playing sports has taught the Bell twins all about balance and using their opportunities in sports as a great preparation for their future.

“Sports has taught me that you have to work hard for what you want, and nothing comes easy,” said Karleigh.

“Sports taught me to be able to overcome adversity,” said Keitian.

In their free time both girls enjoy hitting in the cages and spending time with their friends.

Being a twin is great, they not only have a built-in best friend but a teammate as well. After high school both girls have plans to play softball at the collegiate level, cheering each other on, even though they may be on different teams.

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