Northeast Tech Oct 1125

A junior at Pryor High School, Ayden Arnold is a student at Northeast Technology Center enrolled in the Automotive Service program. With his eyes focused on the future, Arnold admits the learning opportunity at Northeast Tech matches with his career ambitions.

Understanding and knowing how to fix various type of vehicles is in high demand and Arnold wants to use his skills and knowledge to help him land a high-paying job in the career field.

“I currently run a auto detailing business in Pryor that ties into the automotive industry,” explained Arnold. “Automotive is something I’ve grown up doing and always wanted to go to college to learn more. Northeast Tech is giving me a jump start.”

According to Arnold, his time at Northeast Tech has been fun and he’s learned a lot about the automotive industry.

“If I had one word for it, I would choose enjoyable. The program is not too much bookwork, it’s mostly hands-on work which is easy to understand and not necessarily hard,” said Arnold.

Away from the shop, Arnold is a member of the varsity football team at Pryor as well as the powerlifting team and he runs track in the spring. Always staying active, it’s easy to see why Northeast Tech was the right fit for Arnold. His future plans include going to college and continuing his goal of working in the automotive field full time.

“I plan on attending Oklahoma State University or Pittsburg State, both in automotive engineering, then trying to look for a job around Pryor or Langley once I graduate,” said Arnold.

The future automotive engineer said if you want your dreams tomorrow then work for them today. Solid advice for any student with the desire to work in a specific field.

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