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By Hannah Ossman

Mason Pendley is a junior soccer player for Pryor High School. Mason has been playing soccer for the majority of his life beginning when he was only five years old. He picked up his love for the game by watching his older sisters play and never stopped from that point on.

“My favorite thing about soccer is the freedom of the game, it’s not really set to tons of rules and regulations. I can just play how I want and have fun,” said Pendley.

Over his many years playing soccer, Pendley has suffered numerous injuries that could have taken anyone out of the game. With his determined attitude and competitive spirit, Pendley used those opportunities to become stronger.

He recently had to undergo surgery on his knee and is working hard every day to get back to the strongest version of himself.

“Being injured made me realize how weak I was. So, I made it my goal to get strong and as my coach says, ‘Be the hammer not the nail’. Getting stronger keeps me moving forward,” said Pendley.

Pendley keeps busy by being involved in several other activities outside of soccer. He participates in track, student council, Life Smarts, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, NIHS, and National Honor Society.

Pendley appreciates his teammates helping him through his ACL recovery. They always kept his spirits up and made him want to get back to playing soccer as fast as he could.

Pendley’s biggest role model is his great uncle, Edward.

“He was a track star in high school and held a school hurdles record for over thirty years. He also had a great mind and was a man of God,” said Pendley.

This upcoming season, Pendley hopes to be able to score a few goals as he gets back into the game and wants to get his knee back to its strongest ability. He is also looking forward to playing soccer with his younger brother next season.

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